You have choices when it comes to fulfilling the shareholder requirements for your private REIT.

REIT Investment Group remains the leader in the REIT shareholder industry based on our commitment to being the value-based service provider for obtaining and maintaining the necessary shareholders for private REITs. If you are looking for the cost-effective option that has proven it can execute time and time again, REIT Investment Group is the answer. 

Leading sponsors and advisors in the private REIT industry continue to select REIT Investment Group based on our best-in-class service, pricing, and flexibility.



RIG has provided our services to hundreds of REITs. With five full-time employees, a significant investment in our back office systems, and our own FINRA registered broker/dealer, RIG is fully equipped to handle all of your REIT shareholder needs. Our investor base of almost one thousand individuals is eager to invest in every REIT opportunity we present. RIG's dedication to service and efficient execution has made RIG the exclusive provider for REIT sponsors around the world.



REIT Investment Group was formed in 2007 to be the value-based solution for private REITs needing to fulfill the 100 shareholder requirement. Since formation, RIG has worked with hundreds of U.S. and international real estate companies as well as the top U.S. law firms and accounting firms. RIG will always have the best pricing.



RIG saves REIT sponsors the 'hidden costs' of structuring and maintaining a private REIT. Having worked with the leading legal and accounting firms around the world, RIG has developed processes that meet the needs of all types of REITs. While our documents are thorough and easy to use, we are flexible if the REIT or the REIT's counsel has a preferred format. RIG can be flexible on share price ($500 or $1,000), dividend dates, and offering timing. We can customize the process for every sponsor.